Your smile, it is our pride.
1996 Dec. Established the BEANS Inc.
2006 Sep. Open the famTSURUGA in Fukui.
2007 Mar. Open the famTAKAGI and NUSEUM in Fukui.
Apr. Open the famAOSSA in Fukui.
2008 Apr. Open the famOOKUWA in Ishikawa.
Jul. Open the famNONOICHI in Ishikawa.
Jul. Reopened the famTSURUGA and RHOBUNNY.
Sep. Open the famPIERI MORIYAMA at Shiga.
2009 Mar. Reopened the famTAKAGI.
2010 May. Open the famKYOTO in Kyoto.
2011 Feb. Open the famKUSATSU in Shiga.
Apr. Open the famRYUOU in Gamougun in Shiga.
Jul. Open the famNIIGATAMINAMI in Niigata.
2012 Mar. Open the famMORIOKA in Iwate.
Apr. Open the famKUMIYAMA in Kyouto.
Apr. Open the famASAHIGAWA in Hokkaidou.
Oct. Open the famHIRAOKA and famTOMAKOMAI in Hokkaidou.
Oct. Reopened the famTSURUGA to APITA TSURUGA.
Oct. Open the famOUMIHACHIMAN in Shiga.
2013 Apr. Open the famDAINICHI in Osaka.
Jun. Open the famOSAKA DOME in Osaka.
Nov. Open the famRABRA 2 in Niigata.
2014 Feb. Open the famFAVORE in Toyama.
Mar. Reopened the famNIIGATAMINAMI.
Apr. Open the famKANAZAWA BAY in Ishikawa.
Sep. Reopened the famTAKAGI and the DECO APARTMENT STORE.
Oct. Open the crocs famKATSURAGAWA in Kyoto.
Oct. Open the crocs by famIZUMI in Osaka.
2015 Apr. Open the crocs by famOKINAWA in Okinawa.
Apr. Open the NEW ERA OKINAWA in Okinawa.
Apr. Open the SANUK OKINAWA in Okinawa.
Sep. Open the NEW ERA KANAZAWA in Ishikawa.
Oct. Open the crocs by famSHIJOUNAWATE in Osaka.
Oct. Open the SKECHERS in Osaka.
Nov. Open the NEW ERA EXPOCITY in Osaka.
2016 Feb. Reopened the crocs by famMORIOKA.
Apr. Open the crocs by famPIERI MORIYAMA in Shiga.
Sep. Reopened the crocs by famKYOTO.
2017 Mar. Open the PLAZA in Komatsu.
Mar. Open the HULLE Invincible in Komatsu.
Apr. Open the PLAZA in Tokyo.
Apr. Open the Sport lab by atmos in Ishikawa.
Oct. Open the PLAZA in Gunma.